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I'm Michele Vilseck.

I'm a Certified Health Coach and Life Coach, Certified Elite Speaker, MC and Event Consultant.

I help Wellness Coaches create Virtual Retreats that serve their audience and sell their high ticket Coaching Programs without being sales-y.

After a 20 year battle with gut issues and disordered eating, that at one point had me down to eating only 5 foods, I was able to heal COMPLETELY from both.

I became a Food Relationship Coach and started selling my coaching packages using virtual events!

After launching the National Health Association’s virtual event with over 700 attendees in the first year, and using my events to sell my coaching programs, I decided to go all in on retreats! 

I'm a vegan who loves nature, nutrition, learning new things, and going on adventures with my three kids.  I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana.


I'm Michele Vilseck.

I'm a certified Elite Speaker, MC, and event consulting agency owner who helps speakers, authors, and coaches crush it on stage and create 6-7 figure days using their signature, virtual event..

In 2021-22, Michele launched the virtual side of the National Health Association's Conference and hosted her own events for her health coaching business. Once she realized she could make a BIGGER impact by magnifying other people's movements, she went all-in on speaking. Now she helps brands beat the learning curve by creating "million-dollar event machines" for them.

She is a vegan who loves learning new things (including all things woo) and enjoys going on adventures with her kids.

Talk Title Options:

One Essential Asset Billionaire Business Owners Are Leveraging. Why not You?

3 Myths about Virtual Events and the REAL Question You Should be Asking

How to Crush a 6 or 7-Figure Day Without a Complicated Launch Plan

How we Lost $1M in at an Event and How to Avoid It!

Client's Testimonials

Anika Jackson

PR, CEO of Brand Amplified.

Michelle definitely pulled me out of my comfort zone.

This is a program that I have been working on for two years kind of launched it, and then completely redid it. But it wasn't until I met Michelle, and she said, "Yes, let's, I'm going to partner with you. And we're going to do this event. And you're going to launch your program", that I was like, "Oh, it's real"!

And she has definitely pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. And, with all the great images and graphics that her team and and my team pulled together to post for us and to her saying, "Okay, you need to promote this, you need to talk about this. It's really exciting"!

And it's taught me something new... I never would have felt brave enough to try to do a virtual event unless Michelle had said, "Yeah, we're gonna do this!"

Jessica Karwat

CEO & Founder of Women's Academy of Transformation

Michele is extremely detail-oriented and she really cares about you. She knows that she'll be successful if you're successful and really takes the time to get to know you and makes sure that what she's creating with you is the best work that you have.

I would highly recommend working with her, you will not be disappointed!"

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