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Learn three SIMPLE things you can start incorporating into your next event, FB/IG lives, and webinars to transform your audience from bored and browsing to leaned in and listening. And, because MOST speakers aren’t doing this, you’ll look like a TOTAL PRO!

Why virtual Events?

There are people out there right now, weeping ugly sobbs, struggling and searching for the exact solution you have to offer. In fact, many of them are actively searching for you!

But they can't hear you amid social media and stuffed inboxes....your message gets lost!

And, even when they can hear you, statistics suggest it takes 4-7 hours of exposure to your content before they trust you enough to buy your program.

BUT- What if you could invite them to your event? You step on stage and captivate their attention in a way that stops their scrolling and snoozing AND you connect with them in a REAL way no one else has done before. They'll be fired up, thanking you and wanting more!

The REAL Problem with Virtual Events.

I get asked this about VIRTUAL EVENTS all the time:

Do people even show up? How do you really connect with the audience? And…who is going to sit on Zoom for THAT long?

But the truth is, THOSE aren’t the real “problems” with virtual events. 🤷🏼‍♀️

3 Myths about Virtual Events.

👉🏻No one shows up 👉🏻You cannot connect well 👉🏻They don’t work.

That’s why I was skeptical about VIRTUAL EVENTS. Do people even show up? How do you really connect with the audience? And…who is going to sit on Zoom for THAT long?

If you're a speaker, landing a paid gig is a dream!

Because if you could get paid THOUSANDS of dollars to do what you love…

You've made it! But getting the reps and the recognition is like landing a big break as an actor or musician. It’s a long road to rock-stardom.

A couple years ago I had the honor of helping host a virtual event for a company that had been hosting successful in-person conferences for over 50 years!

👉🏻We took it virtual, and were wowed by the crowd’s response! BUT…we missed out on $1 Million Dollars! 😱😱 ⚠️Because we didn’t make them an offer.⚠️

Top 10 Reasons why events transform your audience!

~The transformation is in the transaction~

If you have a paid event, the act of charging your audience money is actually life-changing. I know sounds crazy town, but stay with me:

One of my favorite coaches, Eileen Wilder, always says: “The transformation is in the Transaction”. When we sell someone anything, the act of saying YES is a transformation for them.

Afraid to get out there?

Public speaking is a skill, not a talent.

And so is public speaking…so is hosting events. And just like those famous quotes say:

“You can't get to your 100th video until you do the first one.”

So just get out there and do it!

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